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In yesterday’s post I talked about my new-found interest in fruit-cakes and well, it extends to fruit bread as well. This Rye and Raisin loaf did not get a great reception in my house as it’s just my 3-year old, and more recently me, that will eat raisins voluntarily. But while the others wouldn’t even entertain the thought of giving it a try, the two of us have had a feast!

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This was a test of Ikea’s Multigrain Rye Breadmix that I tried recently.  I love really dark rye bread and keep threatening to start making it regularly myself. However, the cracked rye is still sitting in the cupboard unopened and that sourdough starter, well, it hasn’t got started. Yet.

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I’m sure it hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that the Great British Bake off is back on our screens which is a sure sign that autumn is almost here! Seeing the bakers’ great cakes and their baking enthusiasm has woken me up from my summer baking slumber and I’m ready to get going again.

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On the 4th of March it’s Fettisdagen, Fat Tuesday, and the day to eat semlor if you are Swedish. These cream and almond paste filled buns have been around for a long time and used to be reserved for eating only on Fat Tuesday, however now they are sold and eaten anytime between Christmas and Easter.

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These classic cinnamon and cardamom Swedish buns are firm favourites in our house. Amazing still warm from the oven, great frozen then warmed in the oven until soft and delicious, perfect for a lunchbox treat, picnic or well…any occasion really.

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These American style cinnamon rolls are something else! I love cinnamon rolls. Having grown up in a country where the “kanelbulle” is an institution I tend to make them quite often. I have my favourite recipe that I default to, especially if in a hurry to get them done.

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I first heard about the Cronut about a month ago when, at a wedding (where I made this cake) the bride’s brother asked me if I was making Cronuts yet. Cronuts? I asked. What’s a Cronut? When he told me it was a mix between a doughnut and a croissant and that they were going for up to $40 each (each!!!!) in New York I laughed and thought he’d made it all up.

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This recipe for Seeded Polenta Crispbread has easily been my most asked for recipe ever. While on holiday in Stockholm my friend served these pieces of fantasticalness as a snack with a drink on a balmy summer’s evening and I just couldn’t stop crunching.

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A few days ago I bought last year’s GBBO runner up James Morton’s new book “Brilliant Bread” on iBooks (I love having my new books on my iPad and iPhone – easy to read on the run, no carrying of heavy hardbacks necessary, no storage room required and so easy to have in front of you when baking!) Anyway, back to the book…


It’s a really great read. Really. It’s full of mostly no fuss recipes with really interesting and useful (if you are into bread…) information, hints and tips and photographs of how to make great homemade bread. And it’s funny too!

As always when I buy a new recipe book I make a vow to try every recipe in the book within 24 hours and have a house full of delicious smells and incredible homemade goods. And as always that isn’t happening. But the intention is there and I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to get through at least half of them…! Funnily enough the only recipe from this book that I have tried is the Mug Bread which is cheating really as I’ve been baking that particular bread regularly for about 6 months now. But it soooo good. What it didn’t know before I bought the book was how to score the bread properly. But now…check out this loaf I made the other day!
I would definitely recommend the book – go buy it and get into bread making. It would be great to hear what recipe is your favourite!