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With the planned photography session cancelled due to illness I had a cake and a few cookies sitting around my kitchen waiting to be shot. I did what I could to try some new angles and options.

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Congratulations to Nancy Birthwistle – this year’s winner of the Great British Bake Off! A well deserved winner with her cool determination, great baking knowledge and skills and hilariously dry witty comments throughout – I was really pleased to see her win! 

As always the show spawned some great TV moments, baking innuendos, fantastic creations and inspiring bakes. Catch up with missed episodes (or just relive them if you so wish), get the recipes from the show and of course, download the application for the 2015 GBBO here!

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This is the second year I have visited the Cake and Bake Show at Earl’s Court. I really like this show as it is about all aspects of baking, not just sugar paste and decorated cakes, but breads, meringues, cakes, baking equipment and more. It’s also a great place to do a bit of baking celebrity spotting!

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I finally managed to get to Ladurée in Burlington Arcade! On a day out to the Royal Academy among other things I popped into the tiny shop, all clad in gold painted fixtures, walls and floor to admire the beautiful macaron display.

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Leading experts from around the world have today announced their united ‘Action on Sugar’ campaign. This public health campaign is aimed at making us all more sugar-aware in order to combat the ever growing obesity and diabetes problems and it poses some interesting questions about how and what we should be eating. Read more about the campaign here.