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A request for a box of pistachio and dark chocolate macarons for a special birthday came my way and I took the opportunity to update my macaron knowledge by doing some research of recipes, methods and ingredients.

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A couple of months ago I was asked by a friend of a friend if I wanted to bake for her wedding. Of course I said YES! The bride did not want a traditional wedding cake but instead a macaron tower, as well as cupcakes, a kids cake and a Bienestich cake (a German almond cake with a vanilla cream filling). So, a lot to do and a great challenge to get on with!

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I wanted to make some easter coloured macarons and with an unopened jar of fancy lemon curd in the fridge it seemed just the thing. I also wanted to try a salted liquorice filling as I had a couple of bags of ‘Turkish Pepper’, an amazing salty liquorice hard sweet filled with even saltier liquorice powder that is a real “love or hate” for most Swedes and Danes. I love.

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So, for the 4th birthday I decided against making a cake and opted for macarons instead. It’s been a while and I was feeling brave. And I really wanted to use the passionfruits I bought a few days ago. And I had a delicious sounding recipe lined up. And this is it! White chocolate and passionfruit truffle macarons.

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I did it! I managed to produce at least half a batch of smooth, crispy, chewy, sweet and quite delicious macaroons (the other half cracked & blew up with huge air bubbles, hrmpf). This recipe from Hello Sugar with very helpful step by step instructions has been my most successful macaroon recipe so far. Yes, it’s a bit of a faff with the Italian meringue.