How to make 120 cake-pops without an oven

How to make 120 cake-pops without an oven

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You make cookie-pops instead! Read on find out how… 

Back in December, my good friend Ane asked if I could help her out by providing some cakes and goodies for her fantastic new clothes label launch. Of course I said yes. At the time, the finish date for our kitchen was Christmas so I was sure I’d have an oven and a nice clean kitchen to work in by then. As you’ll know if you read my previous post, that didn’t happen, but as I’m a woman who stays true to her word, I had to figure out a way to make it happen. 

With an order of 150 macarons and 120 cake-pops and a week of late nights at work on my hands, I had a slight panic and spent downtime at work googling possible options. Turns out, macarons can’t be done without at oven (darn) but if you turn cake-pops into cookie-pops you’re on to a winner. 

So, I spent a Saturday in the in-law’s kitchen making macaron shells that I then popped in the freezer. I wasn’t sure about freezing them filled although I now know that’s perfectly doable. I then bought an indecent amount of Oreo’s (classic chocolate as well as golden), a load of cream cheese, candy melts, pop-sticks, wrappers and ribbon and got to work around 10pm. I knew it would take a while to mix, roll, dip and decorate those little pops and at 4am I finally had them all almost good to go (by then, I just had to go to bed so I finished the wrapping and ribboning in the morning).  

Using cookies was the big winner – such a speedy and easy way to make pops, especially when you are oven-less and pressed for time! It’s as simple as whizzing them up in the food processor, then mixing in cream cheese until you get a good consistency for rolling.

Once rolled, pop them in the fridge to set for 30 minutes (or more). Melt the candy-melts (or chocolate) and dip the end of the pop-stick before pressing it into the cookie ball. Leave for a few minutes to set (pop in the fridge if possible). Then dip the ball in the melted melts (or choc), holding the stick and turning until the ball is completely covered. I had to thin out my melts with rapeseed oil as it was far too thick for covering the pops. 

The great thing about using candy-melts is that it sets almost immediately and has that crunch when you bite into it that you’d have to use tempered chocolate to achieve otherwise. Saying that, I wouldn’t normally choose melts as I much prefer the flavour of real chocolate. 

For decoration I used cocoa-nibs for the chocolate pops and toasted coconut mixed with gold sugar sprinkles for the golden pops. With a simple ribbon to finish them off they turned out pretty well! 

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