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One of the many blogs I follow is Theresia Erneborg’s Söta Saker who every month has a ‘Sweet of the month’ themed challenge.

This month’s theme is “Sagolikt”, a word which translates as “like a fairytale”. Images of cakes shaped like castles and princess crown adorned cupcakes flashed through my mind but then the Dream cookie popped up. I always have crazy dreams at night and I think of them as little mini films playing out in my head, sort of like little fairytales. Right? Well, it might be slightly farfetched but these little cookies are also incredibly delicious and having a whole jar full of them is pretty much like a fairytale too!

The only thing about them which is not so dreamy (more like a nightmare actually) is that they contain baking ammonia – an ingredient which creates the foulest of smells while they bake. I had to open the back door to air out the kitchen, and if you are tempted to open the oven door to check on them beware; don’t breathe in as you’ll get a full hit of ammonia straight up your nose. Not nice. Ok, so I’m not selling the Dream here but trust me, it’s worth it. You obviously can’t taste the ammonia once the cookie is baked and once you start munching it’s very, VERY hard to stop. Go on, give them a go.


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About a month ago I entered a local Bake Off and to my surprise and great delight I won with my vanilla and raspberry mousse layer cake! After an awkward wave and bow at the front of the room (I can’t remember ever winning anything and my ‘acceptance’ speech ended up something like “Wow, thanks. Yeah, thanks”) I decided that the time had come to start sharing my bakes with anyone who might be interested!