Rhubarb and Strawberry Triangle(ish) Cookies

Rhubarb and Strawberry Triangle(ish) Cookies

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I’m back with a recipe from the brilliant Deb Perleman and her book “Smitten Kitchen” – these Rhubarb (with added strawberry and cardamom) Triangle Cookies are indeed on the front cover of her book and therefore meet my gaze every time I take off the shelf…

Baking them was a bit of last minute decision as I was expecting a photographer friend to come around and give me some insights into the trials of food photography and I hadn’t had time to bake anything! 

(I say that but the previous evening I had made a sponge and a rhubarb and strawberry compote, I just hadn’t had time to put it all together… Instead of filling the cake with the compote I decided to quickly make thes little cookies whilst very quickly covering the sponge in freshly whipped cream!)

The cookie dough is quick to make in a food processor (and tastes so good if like me you are into eating cookie dough). All was going well until the filled cookies went into the oven where they all decided to open up and loose their lovely triangle  shape. I actually quite liked the rustic look and the way the compote oozed out the sides. And of course, they still tasted great…
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